Energy Conservation

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Energy Savers
Energy Savers

What is Energy?

Energy is the ability to do work. Energy can power a lot of items such as tv's, lights, air conditioning, etc.

How can we save more power in our homes?

The way that we can save more energy is to use special light bulbs that are fluorescent. These light bulbs us 75% less power and they dont give off a lot of heat like the regular light bulbs. The new light bulbs are easier to put in to like a regular light bulbs instead of those really long light bulbs. Another smart way to save energy would be to dial down the thermostat at night and up again in the morning. This would reduce the energy used by your heating and cooling systems.
Other ways that we can save money and save power is to shut off any lights or anything that uses up power when you don't need it at the time. Its truely the easiest way to save energy. There are more ways to save power and money.

How can we conserve energy depending on the weather?
This is the new efficient light bulb
This is the new efficient light bulb

Winter: In the winter, a good way to save energy is to close the shades and drapes on the south - facing windows. This allows the sunlight to glaze inside the house where it can warm up the floors, and furniture. This is called passive solar heating, which could reduce the number of times you use your heating system. This would result in less electricity being used that could save you a lot more money and energy.

Summer: In the summer, a good way to save energy would be to do the total opposite. You should close all the shades and drapes to keep the warming rays of the sunlight out of the house. Another way would be to use a ceiling fan or any type of fan at all. This would cause the air to circulate, resulting in cooler air being distributed around the area. This could reduce the number of times you use your air conditioning, which would definitely lower the load on your electric bill and the energy source.

Different Energy Sources

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