World Changing projects - Tommy James and Joseph Shin
Topic - Tornadoes And Hurricanes

We would like to research on Hurricanes and Tornadoes, we want to do this topic because we are interested about how hurricanes and tornadoes function
and how they affect how human lives.

What we found out about tornadoes is that they get twisted up by strong wind and when it's twisted up and gets more power, and they get bigger and bigger and when it gets really big, they twist up trees and cars and many different other kinds of objects it runs into.
Hurricanes are a lot worse than tornadoes. hurricanes are bigger, they are weaker but more durable. But that's only depending on the tornadoes size, if it's huge, the tornado might be stronger like the "F - 6".
separated into different levels. The higher the level is the more powerful the tornado is. Tornadoes are highly destructive. Level 0 tornado
doesn't really consider as a tornado. Level 0 tornado is actually only strong wind because you don't really see the form of the tornado.


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