my group and i are going to change the transportation industry for the better. we are going to give people traveling an option ( that will take half the time a plane takes ) traveling to Europe, Asia, or Africa! we`re going to make an underwater tunnel leading from South Street Seaport, New York to London, England . the tunnels framing will be made out of titanium and the skin will be made out of layers of titanium, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. titanium is a rust proof metal and a very very strong metal.carbon fibers are extremely thin fibers but very strong for their size! Kevlar is the materiel bullet proof vests out of, its very very strong. the tunnel will have 6 lanes for car (3 going one way and 3 going the other way.) and 4 sets of train tracks 2 cargo trains and 2 passenger trains 1 cargo train and 1 passenger train going one way and the other cargo train and passenger train going the other way. The type of train we are using are Maglve trains. they are trains that float a little bit above the track and don`t have friction slowing them down since they don`t touch the ground. these trains can reach top speeds of 3000 miles per hour and the entire trip would take about 1 and a half hours to and hour and 45 minutes, two hours tops. the Maglve trains use massive amounts of electricity so we would put hundreds of thousands of wave generates on the outside of the tunnel and alot of extra ones to make extra energy to sell back to land and use the money to pay back the investers quickly and maybe possibly put wind turbinds out at sea since winds are very strong and it will produce tons of power to sell.the entire engine of the train is the track.