Global Warming- Group: Tony Ye, Kelvin Tam, Sunny Li
How do you want the world?
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(This is a cute video from "The Inconvenient Truth" maybe you'll enjoy it)
inconvenient truth
We made this one. Its about how the earth will be if global warming continues
Many of us today use gases that harm the atmosphere.We don't know the consequences of our actions. These consequences, if not realized now, will result in the destruction of mankind. The issue that has a risen is Global Warming
Many ask, what is global warming? Global warming is all due to greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases, or the greenhouse effect, warm the earth so that it can be warmer than it really is and allow life. Though some of the sun's radiation is radiated back to space, when we burn harmful gases, it stops heat from going back up to the atmosphere. As a result, the earth is heated even more. This may lead to our polar ice caps eventually melting. Not only are animals endangered, like the one below,
This but it also endangers human. Not only are more people dying from the heat, but something much worst will be in store for humans. When the dangers of global warming grow too strong and really do melt the polar ice caps, the condensed water that had been frozen in place for so long will finally be released and the result is the world as we know it will be flooded. This will end life as we know it.
Luckily, the atmosphere is not yet lost. If we cut back on the items that cause this, our atmosphere is still savable.
For example, if we cut back on our carbon dioxide uses, such as replacing gas with solar energy, we can delay this tragic end.