By: Adam Mendoza, Rushi Patel, Sandeep Vanka, Marcu.s Barnett

Computers are essential in life and throughout the years people have treated it like trash. Not all is euphoria in our world but slowly by fixing problem by problem we will accomplish our goals. The lack of recycling computers have caused big problems and nobody seems to care. The junk yards are been overwellemed with thrown out computers and not all people know but the computers are still usable. Many people believe that when their computer doesn’t accommodate them it is useless, but in reality the parts of the computer are very useful. Hopefully this information will reveal the truth to you and you will change your opinion on recycling computer

How can we gain money by recycling computers to companies such as dell

Here is a video about recycling computers, and computer parts.This video is about a computer recycling group (Socal Computer Recyclers) and the amount of shipments they receive. Randy Luis, one of the workers explains how the computers are being recycled. The video is informative and is useful if you want to begin recycling computers. CRA (Computer Recyclers of America) is another place to recycle, they can scan your computer add more tecnology and send back the same computer and make it look like it is new.

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----This is one of the experiments that we conducted on a cellphone. ----
A World with recycling and World without recycling ----
Computers cope with the survival of mankind. Everyone knows that, but the amount of computers in landfills is just too much! If you put a computer in a landfill it will stay their for millions, if not billions if years! That same computer could be upgraded to a bigger better computer. Instead of roting away in Earth, you can easily go the extra mile and give it to the geek squad and they will upgrade it to a better computer! They will even pay you some money. A computer contains many ores (rare minerals) that is very expansive and hard to get. Give to them you get money, rid of your dusty computer, and save the world. You will get noticed. Tell someone who is in the same situation. You will fell good that you did the right thing. the world is suffering very much, and only you can help change the world, little by little. ----
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