Today we investigated a cellphone, and what we saw was a mother board, and we wondered if the scientists can use the same board and add more features and sell it again, instead of making another whole thing from start. For example we had a PS3 and we took the same mother board from it, we can add more features and sell it again as a PS4. You see what I mean. For more information look at this site

This site below tells you about computer recycling and how much computers are piled up every year around in garbage dumps. A perfect example and information on computer recycling.

external image nyc_e_recycle_computer.jpg external image recycled%20computers.jpg

This link on the bottom shows what you should recycle and gives a short information on what you are recycling.

phonepart1.jpg These are the parts that were taken from a cellphone, this same thing could be happening to a computer by a engineer and he can take the computer apart more carefully with damaging anything, then he could add more features and it could be cheaper than if it was made from scratch, this is one of the ways to save money.