my group and i are going to change the transportation industry for the better. we are going to give people traveling an option ( That will take half the time a plane takes ) Traveling to Europe, Asia, or Africa! we`re going to make an underwater tunnel leading from South Street Seaport, New York to London, England. the tunnels framing will be made out of titanium and the skin will be made out of layers of titanium, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. titanium is a rust proof metal and a very very strong metal.carbon fibers are extremely thin fibers but very strong for their size! Kevlar is the materiel bullet proof vests out of, its very very strong. the tunnel will have 6 lanes for car (3 going one way and 3 going the other way.) and 4 sets of train tracks 2 cargo trains and 2 passenger trains 1 cargo train and 1 passenger train going one way and the other cargo train and passenger train going the other way. way.And looking under water will be more fun and usefull and one of the problems that might happen is that the shark would brake the glass or an hole would brake in it but other that it would be an fun ride But it would take an very long time to make this big tunnel beacuse it would be an very hard proces.And people will also have to have an swiming licence unless they are an todler or an baby they will have emergency life jackets on the wall close to them and adults that cant swim will need life jackets. CHU CHU