How Hybrid Cars Can Change The World?

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With the use of hybrid cars not only is there a reduction of carbon emissions by that US saves a lot of oil which the whole world needs. So altogether it decreases the problem of global warming and keeps humans safe for rest of the years to come and as technology develops.Also, hybrids would stop some symptoms of asthma thanks to less C02 in the atmosphere. Any hybrid can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and then that reduces air pollution and also less global warming. Also it can help by lessening bad gases that lead to lung cancer
environment-header.jpg Hybrid cars can change the world by first saving oil. Saving oil is very important because there isn’t much. Also hybrid cars can change the world by not using oil which stops to diverse the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If the whole world used hybrids, it would cut down on global warming and save oil. The caimagesCAX5ZTQB.jpgrs that are drove now of more than 300 million tons of carbon dioxide and that is bad because we don't need carbon dioxide because it is bad for the environment and 1 third of it is from vechicles .