Pros of animal testing.

Animal testing isnt as bad as it sounds. If you look at animal testing from a scientist's point of view you would be for it. Through animal testing many vaccines have been made. Some vaccines are

1. Herpes Simplex
2. Hepatitus B
3. HIV which causes AIDS
4. Virus related organ transplantation rejection
5. Polio

All of the things above were deadly and were killing thousands of people every year. When Animal Testing is going on Scientists must follow rules so that the animal isnt in pain.

Now imagine you are at a store. You are thinking of buying cosmetics. When you pick up some blush you see a picture of a rabbit on it. That rabbit means that, that cosmetic was not tested on an animal. Now how do you feel about buying that product. Wouldn't you be afraid that the cosmetic will hurt your skin. 'external image bunny.gif

Lets say you are removing a kidney and it was never practiced on an animal before. Wouldnt you be afraid that the docotor might forget something or even just mess up. By the doctor practicing on the animal it makes it more safe for you.