well hello any visitors to my page this is where i will give info on the oil spill and share some ideas on how technology can/should be used to help out but first some pics/info


this is a picture i found of a beached and dead dolphin found on the coast of the gulf it is one of the animals affected by the polution caused by the gulf oil spill it is said 79 whales and dolphins have been found dead because of this tragedy


this is a picture of some oil contaminated water off the coast of the gulf as you can see the oil spill is really taking its toll on the gulf and its sea life because of all the polution its causing isnt it sad?

563-Gulf_Oil_Spil.sff.embedded.prod_affiliate.56.jpgthis man is one of the many people employed to help try to stop the oil spill contamination by cleaning up the beaches he is one of the many trying to help out in any way they can ==============================================================================>>>>>>>>>


this is another picture of the oil leaking out into the gulf as you can see the water is really being contaminated here /\


and my last photo this is the infamous oil rig explosion that started it all what a big mess this has created this massive explosion was the start of the most recent of the gulfs problems this is the last photo for now expect something else whether photo video or text later /\

those pictures just gave you perspective and backstory on the oilspill look to this wiki page in the future for the rest of my part of my groups oil spill project but for now this is devilkingx signing out for now at 11:19 pm 6/16/2010 see you all tomorrow when i update this more as of 10:58 am 6/17/2010 this is continued on page 2 link at bottom as well


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