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hello everyone and welcome to my second page in my oilspill wiki to start this off lets get two more videos of oilspills and oilspill cleanup and stuffs like that

as you can see the first video gives an up close and personal view of the massive amounts of leaking oil
coming from the well the second video shows really dumb people who think that nukes are the answer

what do i think you may ask? i think they should just use like a depth charge or something and blow up the well at the bottom causing the whole thing to collapse and the debris to clog the hole where the oil comes out permanently sealing the well(which they can redig/remake later except access the oil from a new place because the old place is the reckage of an oil spill why do i think a depth charge could do that because a mini depth charge blew a safe to bits a regular depth charge can destroy a sub so maybe 3-5 depth charges can wreck a well heres the vid to back me up

so thats what i think(this probably wont work because im no scientist but hey its why i got so this concludes my awesome project which is probably the awesomest out of this whole worldchangingprojects thing(or atleast my group)
officially finished and project concluded 11:39 am 6/17/10

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