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Hurricane on the other hand is something similar to a tornado but it's like everywhere in the place it hits. It's not as strong as a tornado but it's way bigger. The hurricane's real name is has different names it can be refered to hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression and as simple as cyclone.and is a storm system made of low pressure center and couple of thunderstorm that produce strong winds and flooding rain. A hurricane gets bigger on heat releasing when moist air rises.

All tropical cyclones are areas of low atmospherical pressure near the Earth's surface. The pressure recorded at the center of Hurricanes are among the lowest on the surface of the earth at sea level. Tropical cyclones are made and driven by the release of large amounts of heat. which occurs when moist air is carried upwards and its water vapor (gas) condenses (to make vapor to a liquid). This heat is distributed vertically around the center of the storm. So, at any given altitude, the enviornment inside the cyclone is warmer than outer surroundings.

One measure of the size of a tropical cyclone is determined by measuring the distance from its center of circulation to its edge, also known as its ROCI. If the radius is less than two degrees of latitude or 222 kilometers, then the cyclone is very small or a "midget". If the radius between 3 and 6 latitude degrees or 333 kilometers to 666 kilometres are considered average sized. Very large hurricanes have a radius of greater than 8 degrees or 888 kilometers. Other methods of determining a Hurricane's size include measuring the radius of winds and measuring the radius at which its relative field decreases to 1×10-5 s-1 from its center.

Although Tropical Storms are rather big in size and generating enormous amount of energy, their movements over the earth are controlled by large scale winds which is the streams in the earth's atmosphere. The path of motion is referred to a tropical storm's track
This is a Picture of a Hurricane formed. It's called Hurricane Catarina :

At the bottom it's a picture of the hurricane shown directly from the satellite.
Cyclone Catarina, a rare South Atlantic tropical cyclone viewed from the International Space Station on March 26, 2004
Cyclone Catarina, a rare South Atlantic tropical cyclone viewed from the International Space Station on March 26, 2004

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