Eating Disorders...

Do you know anyone who is constantly putting themselves down? About 8% of the United States aren't happy with the way they look but don't do anything about it. When someone says they're " TOO FAT" or "TOO SKINNY" they're not helping anyone, not even themselves. When you look in the mirror and say positive things it helps your self esteem and your confidence to make you satisfied with the way you look. A diet is not just when you eat healthy it's the eating behavior too. People in the US who claim to be anorexic can't bear to gain 1 pound. It's sad to say but most are constantly making themselves spew or use laxities to stay the same weight. They can also binge eat which is where they eat really fast but then vomit. A lot of anorexic people are bulimic and it becomes a sickness that you can't control because your body is so used to it. Anorexia is when the person has a loss of appetite and the inability to eat. Bulimia is when someone binges and then throws up. Binging is when you eat VERY fast and them vomit. Anorexic people no matter how skinny they are they always see themselves as fat.

There are way to find out if a person is Bulimic:
  • becomes very thin
  • obsessed with eating, food, and weight control
  • weighs herself or himself repeatedly
  • counts or portions food carefully
  • only eats certain foods, avoiding foods like dairy, meat, wheat, etc.
  • exercises excessively
  • feels fat
  • withdraws from social activities, especially meals and celebrations involving food
  • may be depressed, constantly cold