Future fuels

The fuels of the future are fuel cells, E85 and Diesel. Diesel is the fastest growing engine in most german car companies. As well as fuel cell vehicles which help the enviorment by emitting only water. The hybrid of the future looks very bright as they will be able to merge fuel cell vehicles and diesel to make an even more fuel efficient vehicle. Soon, our only need for oil would be making electricity, and even then, we wont need it for too long thanks to renewable sources.
E85 is vegetable oil. Vegetable oil can be used with most vans and vehicles as long as they have the right modifcations. some can use it from the factory but you need a certain sticker to make sure its safe.
The only problem with hydrogen is its limited availibility to consumers and the immense heat given off. Once those problems are fixed, most hybrids now will be outdated.
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