Animal testing #2

This is a page all about animal testing for you. Many people belive that animal testing is wrong and is cruel. Animals are treated like slave's. Also it's not like that the scientists don't have a another way of finding a way to test vaccines.They dont take pleasure in hurting an animal. Now say you all have animals would you want them to be in a cage with about 7 other dogs and have to be forced to try stuff like drugs.Or have a monkey screaming of pain because of the shot that was just punctured into his neck.Also it's soo bad that the monkey would bite his own skin beacause it hurts so much. Also that the monkey get cramped into tub for them to sleep and they can not even hold them.


Picture of hurt cat.

image_2_1056.jpgthis is a picture of a cat with a chip on it's head!!!!!!