Group 3: ObesityPartners: Aby Fazilov, Juan Mejio a.k.a Panda , N'kele Amura Brooks Gilkes , Mykiela Huxtable

Obesity Around the World

Definition: Obesity- very fat or over weight; corpulent.

Introduction: Obesity is a common illness all around the world. America has 75% of obese people. 65% of these 75% are adults.

What Causes Obesity?- Over eating- 100's of Calories- A lot of soduim (salt)- Gallons of sugar

What Effect Does Obesity Have On You?

- Cancer
- Joint Problem
- Heart Burn
- Excessive Weight Gain
- Early Death

What Can You Do To Prevent Obesity?
- Eating Healthy
- Watching the Calorie Amount

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